Maine Marathon Relay Information

Not sure you’re ready for a full marathon? Share the work with a team.

Groups of 2-4 individuals can put together a team and cover the distance as a relay. Teams must have a minimum of two members and a maximum of four members. Each member must run one full leg, but any member can run up to three legs in any order chosen.

There are four relay legs of varying distances from 5.7 to 8.9 miles, as follows:

  • Leg 1: 5.9 miles
  • Leg 2: 8.9 miles
  • Leg 3: 5.7 miles
  • Leg 4: 5.7 miles

Each team will receive four bibs, all of which will have timing tags on the back. The four bibs for each team will be identical (same bib number), and it doesn’t matter which team member wears which bib. However, it’s important that when waiting for a teammate to arrive at one of the exchange points, please stay away from the timing mats that will be used to record times for each relay leg — otherwise you might trigger a false read and cause your team’s split times to be inaccurate.

Bibs should be worn on the front and be clearly visible. A wrist “slap” bracelet will serve as your baton and should be passed to your teammate at the exchange point. The first exchange will take place after the Leg 1 runner crosses the timing mats, and the same is true of the second and third exchanges.

If you’re on a team with two or three members and you don’t need to make an exchange, you should still cross the timing mats to get a split time for that leg, and then proceed to the next leg.

We ask that the team captain or another team member with a valid ID pick up bibs/packets/shirts for the entire team, rather than having each individual team member pick up their own bib. If you’re picking up bibs for someone else’s team, you’ll need an email or signed note from the team captain giving you permission to pick up those bibs.

It is the responsibility of each team to arrange transportation to and from each relay exchange point. Please take note of road closures when planning your arrival and departure to and from exchange points, and please use extreme caution if you must travel on roads that are part of the race course, especially Route 88. It will be greatly appreciated if you avoid parking anywhere along the race route.

Carpooling is strongly recommended to ease traffic congestion, ensure adequate parking for racers at designated lots, and in keeping with the event’s ‘green’ theme. For relay exchanges #1 and #3 (both near the junction of Route 88 and Depot Road near Skillins Nursery), parking is available at Sullivan Tire, off route 1 in Falmouth behind Rite Aid. Note that Depot Road from Route 1 to Route 88 is closed 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. For relay exchange #2, parking is available at Cunningham Security Systems, on Route 88 in Yarmouth, just beyond the junction with Gilman Road.

There are many ways to study the course. Check out the video, download the MapMyRun course to your phone, download either version of our course map (Version 1) | (Version 2), or see the turn-by-turn directions below.

Relay Map

Marathon Map

See directions to each exchange point. We have special permission from Sullivan Tire and Cunningham Security to use their parking lots. Please make sure clothing, cups, bottles, etc. are not left behind.

Runner Tracking

You can sign up for your own results notifications—or friends and family members can sign up on the Find a Participant page  as well as sign up for text and/or email notifications after they complete the race.

GPS tracking is also available through an app called RaceJoy. RaceJoy uses a cellphone’s GPS signal to track participants wherever they are on the course, and friends and family members can send virtual cheers during the race. To use RaceJoy, race participants must download the RaceJoy app and carry their cell phone during the race, and anyone who wants to follow a participant also must download the RaceJoy app.

See the RaceJoy information guide for more details.