Spectator Information

Because several sections of the course are closed to traffic, there are limited places that have easy access for spectators. Unnecessary vehicle traffic is discouraged on the sections of Route 88 that aren’t closed to traffic since runners will be traveling in both directions.

Top Spectator Spots

Corner of Depot Rd. and Route 88 in Falmouth. Both roads will be closed to traffic, but spectators can park at Wal-Mart or another shopping center on Route 1 and walk about .3 miles to Route 88.

Corner of Route 88 and Tuttle Rd. in Cumberland (access from Route 1 – best to park along Route 1)

Gilman Rd. in Yarmouth: Gilman Rd. will be closed to traffic, but spectators can get to within walking distance of the course from Route 88 south, via either Route 1 or I-295.