The Maine Marathon and Half Marathon will be run on a temporary course for 2013 because of construction on the Martin’s Point Bridge between Portland and Falmouth. With Route 1 unavailable, both courses will use Route 9 instead, eventually connecting with Route 88 in Falmouth via Lunt and Depot Rd.

This course change also results in new turnaround points for both the half marathon and half marathon. The half marathon turnaround will be about a quarter mile before the regular turnaround point. Then, half marathoners will take a right turn onto Mussel Cove Lane before rejoining Route 88 for the return trip to Portland.

For the marathon, the turnaround will be on Royall Point Rd. The course now goes straight on Gilman Rd. in Yarmouth instead of turning right onto Prince’s Point Rd. Marathoners will take a left onto Royall Point Rd., turn around after .4 miles and head back to Gilman. The course then takes an immediate right onto Larrabee Landing Rd. before rejoining Gilman Rd. for the return trip to Portland.

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